The Eagle flies Hasan Kartal Foundation for social Justice will be founded in 2020 by Hasan Kartals youngest daugther as a Foundation club. His other children support this Foundation and participate actively.

They want to remember their fathers social impanct and drive on his mission of reconciliation and sincerity . Hasan Kartal, born 1930 (the specific date unknow) in Turkey, was always a sincere person who grew up in very poor conditions and without parents . This sincerity and his goodwill towards everyone brought him to Germany, where he founded his first travel agency in 1964 and organized family home trips for guest workers by bus and later flights.

Hasan Kartal in his tavel agency in Gelsenkirchen-Horst, Essener Str., Germany, around 1990

Kartal Baba, as he was called with love from foreign workers, always had an open ear for the concerns of hard-working men, especially in mines He helped more than once those who had no money to go to their loved ones in Turkey. Throughout his life, he wanted families to live together and supported fathers who wanted to bring women and children to Germany to reunite family. Money was less important to him than the fact of helping actively.

In a friendship book he gave his daughter the following:


“You have grown up now, be serious about everything and be correct. Study and become a very important and great person. Love people, be they Muslims or Christians, the same. Adore and love the old. Never part with the path of sincerity and honesty.
Your Dad”

Hasan Kartal, 20.04.87

Bad and hurtful words were unknown to him, but the wish of a child was above everything and was his command.

He was open to all religions of the world and raised his children and grandchildren free of religious constraints.

The foundation is designed to support this love for people, sincerity and reconciliation, and help people who have had less luck in life.

January 2020

Jennifer N. Langhans-Kartal